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Monday, January 4, 2010

2009- A Year in Passing

How a year could have changed so much seems impossible. Not long ago I was working full time managing the Maintenance Department at a local Landscaping Company. Seeing my two kids and husband rarely in passing. Life was about money. How much we had, and how much we could spend. Simple things were taken for granted because we could just buy more. How naive we were.

Then things turned. It was brought to my attention that the women I trusted with my babies was a little off. She was treating them poorly and feeding them junk food. She became weird with me and my kids. I made a big decision. I chose to leave my good job to for the best and hardest job. Being a full time Mom. It was the right thing but still a hard decision.

Not long after that my husband lost his job. So we had no income, gigantic bills, and we just found out we were pregnant with another babie. This was very overwhelming!!!!

This was a time to go back to old ways. I began making everything from scratch. bread, juice, hot sauce, and simply all food we ate I made or canned. With no gas to leave the house I walked to school, park, pool, and everywhere. Eventually I stopped crying about the hard times. I started feeling powerful and motivated to do this right. On top of doing all things motherly. I found I wanted my own income so I began doing my crafts again. I started making my jewelry. Then I taught myself to sew clothing, pillows, and wallets. I began bending wire, knitting, painting, and taking photo's. I began propagation everything I could and gathering any food others wouldn't to preserve it.

For awhile I thought why am I being punished. Then it occurred to me that I'm not. God is giving me a chance to prove my worth and that it all can be done. I don't need to eat out, a fancy work title, or all the junk the media says I need. I can make what my family needs and sell what I make to others. All of these things I make can help my family to be better off.

I have managed to acquire new skills and sharpen old ones and become really comfortable with my own skin. I don't need anything to make me happy. I have it all!!! My three babies my best friend and everything else seems to fall into place. I can only imagine what next year has in store for me if I have accomplished so much in 2009.


  1. <3 so glad you are able to see what the real good things are in life. Keep up the crafts they look great!

  2. Also, if you need smaller pieces of fabric, I have TONS that I usually give away to the school.

  3. very inspiring, best of luck to you in your endeavors!